Monday, October 31, 2011

Besi pun boleh dilentur

begitu berharga kehidupan ini bagi mereka yang tahu menghargai.....yezza..lirik lagu hitam putih kehidupan nyanyian shiela majid. somehow it gives me strength. lagi satu lagu kupohon. deep. liriks dia helps me to cool my mind. (ayat cam harr je kan...grammar tahap masuk dust bin)

dont expect people to give than what can they commit. just accept it. if you want to do the "remedy", do it by yourself. YOURSELF i repeat. u cure your broken feelings, u heal your gloomy heart. thats it. because you have full control of your own body and feelings. if you expected someone to do it for u, i afraid that u r do i put into word because i cant find he vocab. i mean, melukakan hati sendiri. come on peeps...let us be more kental, because people nowadays is lack of what we call kasih-sayang. small things which can tighten the bonding is being seen as sampah that should not burden them..

be kental, pamper yourself and be happy and be young!


Gute Nacht!

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