Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Whatever you say

Is getting hard. No friends, no love. i have lost it. all i have is myself.

best friends..how you give the definition of best friend?
(this is the hardest entry to elaborate) just forget it. i am still searching for 1.

let me just stop crapping here. i throw these crap because i have no idea to whom should i turn to. Sedih la wey! (or pathetic)

ok let us talk about football.
i found my interest in football in few years back, after graduate from MUAR, it was back in 2002. i was 17. sweet 17. naive 17. from that moment, i fell in love with the Goners..yeah..brother's influence..after unbeaten 49, the goners never win a trophies. but my loyalty is there. because i love them not because of how many times the won the trophies..but the spirit, the pace, the passion to fight. fight fight fight until...until..the final whistle.

i've been with goners for 9 years. wow! hahaha

I ♥ Goners

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