Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Grrr Negative Vibes

Where it is coming from?

FB status? Insta post?

Naaa. it comes from you. YOURSELF Er,

Please click unfollow, or remove, or hide those postings which not meant to hurt you but it does. It is not because of them but it is because of you who is still doubting Him. Astagfirullah...

Please be positive. Find something that lead you to Redha. Remember for appointment in September. Just keep in mind that your effort is as big as a dot. Nadai. T_T

Keep worrying make u older before time. tik tok tik tok.

avoid reading on politics, instead, go for a blogshop. LOL!

Let them be. let they share their own happines. pls redha and accept it. please do not doubting Him. Pray Pray Pray and selawat more.

Tunggu Aunty siap jahit.....

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