Thursday, August 4, 2011

Morale of The Story

Morale of the story are:

Never expose every single things that u do/did in internet. e.g. blogging. I think, it is BETTER we buy a thick book and make it as our journal which the only person who can access : read and write in it is ourself. That is what i practice few years ago ( i miss it now) few numbers of journal book i kept for myself. (naaa...i already told u...;p ) if you are too mad with anything/anybody just jot it down instead of writing it on your wall. i am sick reading the negative thoughts/expressions. I am about to delete friends who bring negative impact to me T__T. Sangat tak membantu aku.

I do have twitter account and i followed 35 persona, include: politician, actor/actress/singer, ustaz, quote, and everyday they keep on twitting advise, motivation and positive things. When i click on Twitter icon, at least, i read the good things and it can make me smiles and u know..always remember Allah...

Never too exposed OK! keep some for yourself .
have u listened to Rapuh by Opick? It is very nice song or should i use advice..we live for Allah. no matter how hard u feel to face this life always "talk" to Allah..when u feel that u are alone never forget that Allah with you..every second and every minute...
May we get Allah's love and bless...Amin....

p/s: aku tau english aku so so je. tapi aku cuba tulis jgk. vocab sangatlah kureng kan.....jangan pernah bosan untuk belajar (^_^)

p/s: Juan Mata, join Goners ler!

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