Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rasa Campur-campur


Just arrived Putrajaya by ERL. Today onwards, i will no longer come Putrajaya with him. He's taken away. I don't know why, I should be happy, but i can't lie to myself. I feel sad..wooo~woo~woo~ (of course i always du'a may he get the best always..always and always)

Few things made me mad. Just let me know first when you want to do something that relates to me. it happened when i saw "not you" wearing the cloth that i buy as a gift. at the very beginning, i thought you are the one who will wear least bagitau laaaaaaa..................

the office stuff, can you please stop disturbing me during weekend. tau tak aku nk MUNTAH bila unwanted number called me, jusssttt a few mins before i want to enjoy the narnia. WHY HUH? can't you just wait until tomorrow?? i just cud not help with these type of people....

my emotions swaying here and there....i want to tell ya the truth that all these while, saya menumpang di atas persahabatan kawan-kawan saya..saya menumpang dlm persahabata A dan H, S dan F, J dan Y..but at least i have closest friends..AHSFJ..thank you guys, ur friendship are precious gift for emotions...fuh....hard to talk..tears wanna drop...unstable emotions..please hold not enter the depression level..cheer up...think of something that will make you happy, that will make you to forget the things that you dont want to remember..
tp jgnlah doa sampai kene amnesia..hahahaha..

i want to cry, tp nk pinjam bahu siapa ni?tak sedap lah nk cry sorang-sorang...nak ada org utk dgr aku meluah perasaan..merepek-repek etc..few years ago i asked sum1 whom i love, may u lend me you shoulder? the answer: No...[maybe the sumone dont want to pamper me and want me to feel stronger]

This is life, life is never suck. I hate when i read people write/feel life suck. . we have to grow up. we are responsible to our own life. to decorate it. to color it. to fill it with emotions, with feelings, either sad or happy, because all of it that make the life meaningful...

Glad that i can sewing, yesterday i have makcik-makcik to share the art of sewing with. hahahaha..aku pun dah jadi mcm makcik...

how do i watch Manchester United vs Arsenal? I have a strong feeling, Arsenal is going to win the game, with the improvement i saw in Nasri, with the returns of RvP, with the confidence statement by Fabregas, with the Gunners spirit in the whole team, with never give up coach the goners have, i know They will make it on the tuesday morning. yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s: melancong ke instanbul RM8++. kurang ajar je mamat tanye soalan, "dah ada pasport ke kak?" menyampas..aku rase macam nk sepuk je mulut dia


  1. oh..teringin mau bercuti bersama2 beramai2 manusia yang kita panggil bespren tp peluang itu walau ada tp sgt susah.bolehkah?

  2. with determination insyaAllah boleh..ive tried and manage to fly to jakarta :P